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The Submissive Path

What is

Sacred Submission

“Sacred Submission™ is the art of consciously using your submissive nature as a path to personal mastery and spiritual enlightenment.”

– Rose Rivera, MMed / Founder of Submissive Academy

Your expression and embodiment of submission are as unique as your fingerprint.

When you learn how to step fully into your desires your daily life becomes a masterpiece of intention, ritual, sensuality, and intense connection with your current or future Dom/me.

Designed for Exploration & Growth

From Siren to Sorceress:

The 5 Stages of Sacred Submission

Although each Submissive’s journey is unique, there is a path common to us all. As you move along this path, you gain skills and wisdom that lead to greater Self Mastery, Deeper Submission, and Personal Fulfillment.

Stage 1

The Siren


The Siren’s Quest:

To accept the most thrilling and frightening aspects of yourself.

When the struggle to be “normal” is finally over, you enter your Siren stage, ready to accept and embrace the true beauty of your submission and natural power. 

Stage 2

The Priestess


The Priestess’ Quest: 

To explore your curiosities, preferences, and shadows with openness and abandon.

Removing shame, guilt, or hesitations from your past, you enter your Priestess stage – voraciously exploring and learning everything you can about the world of submission and your unique place within it. 

Stage 3

The Temptress


The Temptress’ Quest:

To test your limits, explore your boundaries, and play with your newfound power.

Now that you have a solid foundation of your unique desires as a submissive, the need to test them out in real life can become obsessive and overwhelming. The Temptress stage is about playing with your fire and learning how not to get burned.

Stage 4

The Enchantress


The Enchantress’ Quest:

To harness your expanded sensual energy and fuel all aspects of your life with its vibrancy.

Consciously designing a lifestyle that honors and empowers your deepest desires in all realms – career, family, friendships – all are transformed. Proud of who you are, crystal clear on your dreams, the Enchantress stage turns sensual energy into real-life Magick.  

Stage 5

The Sorceress


The Sorceress’ Quest:

To fully wield your archetypical Goddess, Submissive, and Witch powers.

Mastering the art of Self-Trust is the cornerstone of the Sorceress stage. Unwavering confidence, unapologetic selfhood – a daily life that’s emotionally rich and tailored to your dreams. You use fear to open wider, desire to guide you deeper, and submission to connect you to the purest energy of Creation.


What People are Saying

“I’m not the only one craving this!”

Finally! For years I’ve looked for information about the spiritual aspects of power exchange and particularly submission—but never found anything that resonated… until NOW.

What a relief to know that I’m not the only one craving this.


Clarity I could have only dreamed of!

Rose has created an incredible space to safely explore power exchange relationships, whether you are an enthusiastic novice or you have more experience. During the few years I have known and learned from Rose my awareness of my own persona and role(s) have reached levels of clarity I could have only dreamed of! I share Rose with all my friends who want to play and find empowerment through submission.


Are you a Siren? Maybe a Sorceress?

Discover where you are on the path of Sacred Submission